The National Federation of Builders has commissioned this short survey to determine the extent to which the public sector is taking up BIM. The use of 3D design and its use in programming, construction and even managing the building-in-use, are all elements of Building Information Modelling and Building Information Management. Although the government has mandated the use of BIM on all major public projects by 2016, the NFB wants to understand the wider public sector's appetite for adopting BIM. This survey contains 6 questions on your procurement and construction practices and 6 details about your business and should take you less than 5 minutes to complete. Please answer all questions as the results will be used to develop information, guidance and support that is appropriate to the construction sector as a whole. Your participation is sincerely appreciated. This project has received funding from CITB-ConstructionSkills Regional Growth Fund.

* 1. Please supply your contact details. They will only be used to supply you with information relating to this BIM project.

* 2. When handling information, do you work with

  Hard (paper) copy and/or pdf files Soft (electronic) copy
2D Drawing
3D Drawing

* 3. How many projects has your section worked on that have utilised either 3D drawings, clash detection tools, schedule integration tools or other BIM features?

* 4. Do you understand the levels of BIM and what this means in terms of your projects?

* 5. Have members of staff had (or are they about to have) any BIM training? You can tick more than one box.

* 6. Do you perceive BIM as a core competency within businesses you want to contract with, now or in the future?

* 7. Have you asked about BIM experience or expertise in PQQ or ITT when procuring suppliers?