Starting in May 2012, public television begins a new focus on Life Part 2 with the launch of Next Avenue, a new website designed to provide the in-depth information, perspective and inspiration Americans need to plan for and live their best life after age 50. And now is your chance to take an active role behind-the-scenes, helping us to shape and refine the site. About once every month we'll ask you to answer questions, tell us what you think or perform tasks on the site through a survey. Together, we'll build a resource as important and relevant as the population of 50+ Americans it is intended to serve.

Note: Next Avenue is committed to protecting the private information of our User Panel participants. The information gathered here will be used solely to inform the development of the Next Avenue website. We will not share your personal information with any third-party or use it for any other purposes beyond those stated above without your explicit permission.

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7. Do you presently work, or have you ever worked, as a journalist, professional writer or editor?

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