NTIP Website Survey: New Hires and Current Educators 2016-17

Dear Participants….. we need your help! 

Under the Nunavut Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) a pre-orientation website was created giving new and existing teachers easy access to essential forms to fill-out prior to starting their new position, planning and teaching resources, as well as information about Nunavut communities and schools. We want to know if this site was actual useful, and how to improve this for future participants. 

If you used the NTIP site,  please help us out by completing this survey which will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Your responses will provide important information that will help the Department of Education in planning better ways to support your needs as a new teacher/principal or as a teacher/ principal who has taken on a new NTA position. 

You do not have to complete this survey if you do not wish to do so. However, everyone’s views are important and the more input we receive, the better the results will be. This questionnaire is confidential and follows the ATIPP (Access to Information and Protection of Privacy) Act.

* 1. When were you hired into your new position? (month and year)

* 2. What is your new position?

* 3. Where is your new position?

* 4. Your position is considered:

* 5. Are you moving from one NTA (Nunavut Teachers’ Association) position to another?

* 6. Have you ever lived in Nunavut?

* 7. How did you find out about education positions in Nunavut?

* 8. Were you given a checklist from your Regional School Operations (RSO) or Commission scolaire francophone du Nunavut (CSFN) to help navigate the website?

* 9. Was the checklist useful and clear?

* 10. How can we improve your experience in using the checklist to navigate the NTIP site?

* 11. Which language option on the website did you use?  

* 12. Overall how much time would you estimate that you spent on this website?

* 13. Teach In Nunavut / Employment section (e.g. job opportunities, the process, FAQs, benefits etc)

* 14. Essential Forms section (e.g. teacher certification, relocation packages, allowances)

* 15. Essential Information section (e.g. planning and teaching, assessment, language resources)

* 16. Community Profiles section (e.g. information about each of Nunavut’s 25 communities)

* 17. School Profiles section (e.g. information about the 43 schools in Nunavut)

* 18. About section (e.g. information about Regional School Operations, the District Education Authorities, Nunavut Teachers' Association)

* 19. Substitute Teacher section (e.g. information about applying to be on the substitute teacher list, FAQs etc)

* 20. Overall how would you rate the usefulness of this website? 

* 21. Did you receive an orientation from your school this year?

* 22. Was the school orientation helpful? 

* 23. How would you improve the orientation you received at your school?

* 24. Any additional comments or ideas to share?

Thank-you for your time and feedback. Your information will be read and taken seriously to make future improvements to the website and the over development of the Nunavut Teacher Induction Program (NTIP).

Helen Hoang, NTIP Coordinator
(867) 975-5689 EST