Thank you for answering 4 questions about a possible Newham Schools Recycling Cooperative

There is a strong desire across Newham Schools to recycle more, and recycling is the subject about which NSS receives the most school questions and requests. The loss of the Wombles service has been felt by many schools, and a number of other issues can prevent broad recycling taking place, including:

• Negotiating details of waste and PFI/FM contracts;
• Limits on type of products that will be collected;
• Confusion over who is responsible for recycling and how it happens;
• Space within school for safe storage;
• Cost of collection;
• Training for site and teaching staff.

In addition to the environmental reasons for recycling (waste reduction, ensuring scarce elements remain in use), some items of recycling hold a potential cash value for the school. NSS is working with partners across East London (including Recycle for your Community / Shanks) to look at the viability of a Borough-wide School Recycling Cooperative. The cooperative could provide:

• Guidance and support for schools on collection and storage
• Educational resources based around the theory and practice of recycling;
• Support for facilitating large waste recycling contracts – with LBN for example;
• A regular, reliable collection and disposal service.

The cooperative would be looking to recycle as many different types of product as possible (see question 1 for ideas as to what can be recycled).

Thank you for taking the time to help us gauge interest in this potentially exciting and useful scheme,
Newham Sustainable Schools - Partners Network