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* What date was the account opened?

* Which BankFIRST associate helped you with your new account? (please provide a first and/or last name if known)

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Were you acknowledged quickly when you entered the branch?
Were you able to meet with an associate in a timely manner?
Did the associate stand to greet you and shake your hand?
Was the associate friendly?
Did the associate use your name at least 3 times during your visit?
Did the associate mention the features and benefits of our products and services?
Were you recommended a specific product based on your needs?
Were you satisfied with the amount of time it took to open your account(s)?
Did the associate ask if your needs had been met?
Did the associate inform you that we will follow-up with you to ensure that you received your checks, debit card(s), etc?
Did the associate stand after you were done, thank you for your business and offer his/her business card?

* How would you rate your overall customer service experience?

* Why did you choose BankFIRST?

* Would you recommend BankFIRST to others?

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