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* Approximately how many people are employed in your entire organisation or enterprise? (Please include all plants, divisions, branches, parents and subsidiaries worldwide.)

* Which of the following best describes your role at your organisation?

* Which of the following best describes your title at your organisation?

* Which, if any of the following do you or your team troubleshoot (Select all that applies)

* 1. In an average month, how many network-related trouble tickets do you or your team troubleshoot? (Enter numeric number)

* 2. On average, how long does it take you or your team to resolve a network-related trouble ticket? (One response per column)

  Tickets you/your team resolves Tickets that are escalated to the next level, or 3rd-party consultant
Less than one hour
1 to less than 2 hours
2 to less than 4 hours
4 to less than 8 hours (1 day)
1 to less than 2 days
2 to less than 5 days (1 week)
More than one week
Not applicable

* 3. What percentage of your time is spent on the following IT areas? (Please sum exactly to 100%.)

* 4. Of the time spent on networks, what percentage is spent on the following tasks? (Please sum to exactly 100%.)

* 5. How often do you or your team use each of the following to troubleshoot network problems?

  Daily Weekly  Monthly Rarely  Never
Cable certification tool
Consultant/3rd party
Dedicated Network connectivity troubleshooting tool
Freeware application
Network Management Software
Packet capture

* 6. In your experience, what percentage of reported wireless network issues are found to have wired root causes?

* 7. How would you break out the network issues you or your team deal with in a typical month based on the following categories? Please sum to exactly 100%. (Must sum to 100%)

* 8. Are you satisfied with your ability to troubleshoot the root cause of issues affecting end-user performance?

* 9. In your experience, what is the main reason why trouble tickets are escalated to the next level? (Select only one)

* 10. Can you describe the typical steps that are deployed to isolate a network problem before escalation happens? Please be as detailed as you can.

* 11. In your experience, what is the most common reason for a network problem to take longer than average to resolve? Please be as specific as you can.

* 12. Is a smartphone or tablet part of your troubleshooting tool kit (i.e., used other than for phone calls, texting and emails)?

* 13. What applications have you downloaded for network troubleshooting?

* 14. What are your top 5 network troubleshooting tools?

* 15. Last two questions. What is the best tool that you/your team uses when it comes to troubleshooting network problems at a remote location?

* 16. Final question. Do you think you need something better to troubleshoot network problems at a remote location?

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* What is your age?

* What is your gender?

* Which of the following best describes your position at work?

* Which of the following best describes your company’s industry or function?

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* What would you consider as the most common network issue that your company experiences and why do you think this is the case?

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