1. Northland NEMO Program Presentation & Tool Usage Report

This is an easy and quick method for you to report about NEMO programs you have led and your use of the various Northland NEMO tools (presentations, Watershed Game, etc). If you have your program agenda and other information with you, this online reporting should take you just a few minutes to complete! You should be able to cut and paste content from another document to make this easier and faster for you. There are three sections with multiple questions. You need not enter complete sentences. Be as accurate as you can, but approximate as needed, paraphrase text, etc. We will contact you for more information or more specifics if needed.

Thank you in advance! If you have any questions, please contact John Bilotta by phone at 651-480-7708 or email at jbilotta@umn.edu.

* 1. Educator Name:

* 2. Educator Organization:

* 3. Educator Email Address:

* 4. Date of Program:

* 5. Location of Program: (City, County, or Watershed)

* 6. Type of Program or Tool Used: (Select all that apply.)