Nekoosa Public School Before/After School Program Survey

The grant that serves the Nekoosa Public Schools before/after school program will be ending this June. The school district is currently applying for new funding (5 years) to continue before/after school programming at both Humke and Alexander Middle School. Your ideas and feedback are important to us and will help us develop our new grant.

* 1. My child/children currently attends (check all that apply)

* 2. I have a child/children in the following grade levels?  (check all that apply)

* 3. Does your child/children attend a before/after school program?

* 4. If your child attends before/after school programs, how often does he/she attend?

* 5. If your child/children does not attend before/after school programs, please share reasons why not?

* 6. How important is homework help in a before/after school program?

* 7. What types of activities would you like to see available in a before/after school program?

* 8. What kinds of activities would you be interested in and/or willing to attend with your child?

* 9. What services, if offered, would you be interested in learning more about?

* 10. What would you suggest to improve the quality of before/after school programming?