Section 1. General Conference Information

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to provide feedback on this year's conference, and suggestions to improve it for the future.  There are only 4 pages, with 5 to 9 questions per page, so this should only take a few minutes.  Pages/sections cover General Conference Information, Trade Expo, Educational Sessions, and Information on you and your travel.  Thanks!

* 1. Any comments/suggestions about this year's conference overall? (location, facility, food, hotels, dates, registration, other):

* 3. If YES, which do you feel are improvements (if any) over the previous facilities 2 years ago in Springfield, or 4 years ago in Worcester?

* 4. If YES, what changes have you made since attending this conference before?

* 5. Please RATE the value to you of these parts of the conference. 

  Most valuable Least valuable
Educational sessions
Trade show
Networking/talking with growers
Pesticide Applicator credits
Getting away for a break