Welcome to the HeliumIQ Needs Analysis

We understand every community looks and acts different. Simply put, there is nothing in the market that works perfectly with every community.

For this reason, HeliumIQ is positioned as a full-service, custom software solution for the needs of community management. 

HeliumIQ's Role

The role of HeliumIQ, in your community, is designed to be a powerful set of hands.

Intended to ease administrative bandwidth while multiplying community connectivity, HeliumIQ works to ensure our technology allows administrators to oversee an ecosystem vs. managing a community.

Needs Analysis Learning Objectives:

Through this style of questioning, you should gain a clearer understanding as it relates to:

- Clarity of community mission
- Current administrative bottlenecks
- Clarity of priority stakeholder group
- Needs and gaps in current strategies
- Ideas for improvement

Upon completion, HeliumIQ will take 3-5 business days to review. At that point, both parties can discuss insights gained from the analysis.

With approval, HeliumIQ will then move forward with a functional prototype, bringing to life core functionalities identified in the needs analysis.

Please note: The HeliumIQ Needs Analysis will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. You must complete the survey once you begin.