1. Certification of State Assessment Training for ELA & Math (Spring 2016)

Pursuant to federal requirements, the ND Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) must ensure that North Dakota school districts conduct appropriate and sufficient training for all school personnel who supervise or administer the state assessment.

The NDDPI provides this verification of certification, which can be completed in less than 5 minutes, to certify and document that your school district has conducted training for the ELA & Math North Dakota State Assessment topics and issues, as required in the North Dakota State Assessment Test Administration Manual. In the event of any testing irregularities, including but not limited to breaches of test security and loss of testing materials, this certification will be referenced in the subsequent monitoring and investigation.

This survey is to be completed by the school district administrator/superintendent or their designee who holds responsibility for state assessment within the district (i.e., the school district testing coordinator). One survey must be completed for each school district.

Instructions: Complete each of the following items. Review your responses and print a copy before submitting the completed survey on-line. Questions regarding this certification verification should be directed to the NDDPI testing office at (701)328-2224 or rgbauer@nd.gov.

Thank you for your careful attention to this matter of mutual concern.

* 1. Name

* 2. School district that you represent. (Enter the official school district name.)

* 3. Your authority to certify that state assessment training has been completed for this school district. If you do not hold one of the two following positions, do not complete this survey as you are not the appropriate respondent. (Check one.)

* 4. Indicate the various district personnel who completed state assessment training in your district for the ELA and Math NDSA. Check all that apply.

Sources for Training

You are asked to certify the appropriate and sufficient training has been provided in your district relating to the administration of the state assessments. Appropriate and sufficient training consists of the following:

(1) Studying the NDSA Smarter Balanced Test Administration Manual sections that are pertinent to the role as District Coordinator, School Coordinator, or Test Administrator.

(2) Completing the Online Training Modules located on the NDSA Portal

* 5. Which of the following training sources have you used to conduct the training of school personnel who supervised or administered all or part of the ELA and Math state assessments.

Thank you for completing this certification of state assessment training for the spring ELA and Math assessments.