MGM requires information to assist with payments through Melbourne Scholarships, should this be the preferred payment arrangement for your program. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this form.

* Project Details

*N/A If the project number is not available
**N/A if the project is not a UoM Subject
***DFAT requires a contact number in the country you will be travelling to. If your current number is to be used overseas this will suffice.
Important information before proceeding:

Are you acquitting all your funding in this round? If not, please inform Davina Potts (
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Please ensure that all the students who are eligible for grants are enrolled in the subject. If a student is not enrolled, a funding offer will not be made. 

Funding offers are made via email and students must accept their offer online in order for payments to be made. Please advise students to check their University email account regularly to ensure that this is completed and this will ensure that there is no delay in payments being made.