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1. Have you ever ordered from NaturalCandyStore.com?

2. Have you purchased natural candy in the last 12 months (from any store)?

3. In the last 12 months, where have you purchased natural candy the most? (Select all that apply.)

4. If you purchased natural candy online in the last 12 months, list the websites used (up to 5). List in order of most-used to least-used, and include NaturalCandyStore.com if we are one of the sites you ordered from. (#1 = most used)

5. For whom do you purchase natural candy? (Select all that apply.)

6. If you purchase natural candy for a business or an organization, choose which of the following best describes the organization.

7. For what occasions or purposes do you buy natural candy? (Select all that apply.)

8. What type(s) of candy do you wish existed in an all-natural version that you have not been able to find anywhere?