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This questionnaire is intended to help us meet our habitat restoration goals by determining the demand for ecologically appropriate native plants, and determining the capacity of plant producers to meet that demand.

The survey was created originally to help inform a regional Biodiversity and Seed Conservation Strategies in Hamilton. However, given the internet we can inform a broader community across Ontario. This kind of coordination increases efficiency in our sector, allowing us to be better stewards of biodiversity while supporting a truly green industry.
Please note that it may take 30-60 minutes to complete this survey, depending on the amount of detail you are able to provide. Also, you may wish to have some supporting documents with you before you begin, such as annual planting or purchase records. There are options throughout to provide quicker, less detailed responses if you need to, because we know you are busy! However, this is an excellent opportunity to gather critical information that will benefit all of us engaged in habitat stewardship and conservation. We appreciate the time and detail that you are able to provide for this research. 
Questions were prepared by Stefan Weber and Jen Baker for the Hamilton Naturalists Club, in partnership with the Ontario Plant Restoration Alliance.  This research is made possible with generous support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  
If you have questions, please contact Stefan Weber:

Thank you for participating!

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Early Buttercup & Early Saxifrage

Early Buttercup & Early Saxifrage