The Native Plant Master Program goal is to foster stewardship of native ecosystems and increase sustainability of natural and built landscapes. It is an interdisciplinary blend of field and classroom education where adult participants learn about native plants, their use for sustainable landscaping and ecological restoration, and about alien weeds that threaten native ecosystems. Colorado State University manages a highly successful Native Plant Master Program, and is currently working with Utah State University and the University of Wyoming to expand the program throughout the region.

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to help us gauge the interest for the program!

* 1. In which state do you live?

* 2. In which county do you live?

* 3. Are you a certified Master Gardener in your state?

* 4. Are you a certified Master Naturalist in your state?

* 5. Are you interested in learning more about native plants?

* 6. If you would like to learn about native plants, please rate the following topics in terms of interest:

  Not at all Some interest Very interested
Native plant identification
Invasive weed identification
Ecological relationships between native and invasive plants
Invasive weed management
Landscaping with native plants
Restoration of native plant communities
Native pollinators

* 7. Are you interested in attending Native Plant Master classes to increase your knowledge in the above topics?

* 8. How might a Native Plant Master workshop help you?