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The School Board has restarted the search for a new director of schools. As the first step, a group of community leaders will make recommendations to the School Board that can result in the strongest director of schools hire possible.

Thank you to everyone who provided valuable feedback during the first search. We want to build on that and be sure we have the voices of our parents and teachers represented – your opinions are critical to this process. Please take a moment to complete the survey below. Your feedback will help shape the search for the next leader of our schools.

All responses are confidential.

* 1. Nashville’s school system faces many challenges. If you had to pick the top three that must be tackled in the next five years, what would they be? Please pick only three.

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Improving under-performing schools
Improving academic performance
Addressing tension between traditional and charter schools
Addressing concerns related to over-emphasis on testing
Making our public schools more competitive with other school systems and/or private schools
Keeping and attracting great teachers
Giving schools, educators and families more say in their own schools
Modernizing the school system
Making the central office more efficient and effective
Addressing the needs of kids who come from economically disadvantaged families
Addressing the needs of English learner students
Addressing the needs of special education students
Tackling early literacy
Improving pay for teachers
Increasing the budget amount dedicated to each student (also called the per pupil expenditure)
Bringing peace and stability to the school system and public dialogue