We want to hear about your experience!

The NAEA National Convention is planned specifically for you and to meet your professional learning needs! Your reactions and thoughts are carefully reviewed and considered as we plan for the 2019 NAEA National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts, March 14-16. Your assessment of the program will help guide our efforts to provide an optimal Convention experience. The more thoughtful and complete your responses are, the better NAEA can address your needs and concerns in our goal to meet and exceed your expectations. Thank you for contributing your thoughts and feedback!

* 1. About the National Convention

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Overall rating

* 2. Convention Organization and Communications - Please rate the following:

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor N/A
Preview flyer, broadcast e-mails, social media
Online registration procedure
Convention website
Printed program
Mobile app
Scheduling of activities: Session length
Scheduling of activities: Number of days
NAEA Registration area and amenities
NAEA Information Desk
Discount hotel accommodations
Staff knowledge and friendliness

* 3. What program planning tool do you use most often while onsite?

* 4. Would you be opposed if NAEA did not print a program—in an effort to be more green?

* 5. Would you access the program schedule as a download via the website and app?

* 6. Convention Program - Please rate the following:

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor N/A
Variety of offerings
Clarity/accuracy of program descriptions
Preconvention Workshops
Daily Sessions, session tracks (quantity, quality, and variety)
Hands-On Workshops (quantity, quality, and variety)
Offsite Workshops (quantity, quality, and variety)
Tours (quantity, quality, variety)
Opening Night Event & Artisans Gallery
First-Time Attendees Session
Youth Art Month Exhibit
Museum Discounts
NAEA Bookstore (location, hours, inventory)
Exhibit Hall (schedule, organization)
Art Materials Giveaway

* 7. General Sessions - Please rate the following sessions:

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor N/A
Thursday, March 22: Persistent Commitment, Nick Cave
Friday, March 23: Advocacy to Activism: The Time is Now to Step Up From Advocate to ARTivist, Kim Huyler Defibaugh
Saturday, March 24: STEAM: A State of the Union, Golan Levin

* 8. Super Sessions - Please rate the following sessions:

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor N/A
Thursday, March 22: The Learning & Games: Do Games Have a Place in Today’s Classrooms?, Andre Thomas
Thursday, March 22: Techno-Vernacular Creativity & Innovation: Bringing Underrepresented Voices to the Forefront of STEAM, Nettrice Gaskins
Friday, March 23:  School for Art Leaders at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Dennis Inhulsen
Friday, March 23: Curriculum Slam! Cultivating Creative & Critical Youth Voices Through Art, Media & Design Curriculum. Panel: Olivia Gude, Lydia Ross, James Rees, Pagoda Borkiewicz, Elisabeth Gambino, Clark Goldsberry, Miriam Dolnick, Elizabeth Sanderson, Jia Zhao, Darrell Pullman
Friday, March 23: STEAM—The Art Part, Jeff Mather
Friday, March 23: STEAM: Awakening Scientific Discovery Through Art and Design, Rebecca Kamen
Saturday, March 24: The International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education. Panel: Kerry Freedman, John Baldacchino, Fiona Blake, James H. Rolling Jr., Mira Kallio-Tavin
Saturday, March 24: Ethical Complexities of STEAM Curriculum: Asking the Questions to Design a Better Future for All. Panel: Cala Coats, Olivia Gude, James H. Rolling Jr., Amy Kraehe, Aaron Knochel, Ryan Patton, Ryan Shin, Mannish Sharma
Saturday, March 24: Breaking the Silence: Speaking Out for Human Rights in NAEA. Panel: Courtney Wolfgang, Joni Acuff, Sunny Spillane, Wanda Knight
Saturday, March 24: Canoe Journeys: History, Context, and Aesthetics, Doug Blandy and Paddy Bowman

* 9. Artist Series - Please rate the following sessions:

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor N/A
Thursday, March 22: Cultural Transformations, Preston Singletary
Friday, March 23: Creating And Experiencing Immersive Sculpture Based on a Participatory Approach, John Grade
Saturday, March 24: In Equal Measure: Poetry & The Arts, Shin Yu Pai 
Saturday, March 24: Artist Citizen, Citizen Artist, Kristen Ramirez
Saturday, March 24: We Imagine What We Can’t See, We Dream Because We Can, Barbara Earl Thomas

* 10. Special Sessions and Events - Please rate the following sessions:

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor N/A
UnConference: Relax and Rewind, Stephanie Chewning
Exhibitor Showcase Workshops 
AICAD Live Learning Lab
My NAEA Studio
Poster Sessions
NAEF Fundraising Benefit Event

* 11. Convention Location – Washington State Convention Center - Please rate the following:

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor N/A
Meeting room adequacy
Informal meeting areas
Food and beverage availability
Staff knowledge and friendliness

* 12. How important are the following elements in deciding whether or not to attend the Convention?

  Extremely important Very important Somewhat important Less important  N/A
Program content, continuing education
Professional contacts, networking
Reputation of the NAEA National Convention
Personal experience(s) at the Convention(s)
Access/proximity to local museums
Mix of Convention business/social events
Quality of hotel
Ability to plan a vacation around the Convention
Total cost

* 13. Please list theme and topic recommendations for future Conventions.

* 14. Please list speaker recommendations for General Sessions, Super Sessions, and Local Artist Series for the 2019 NAEA National Convention, March 14-16 in Boston, Massachusetts.

* 15. Please list recommendations for future Convention locations/cities.

* 16. Did you make a presentation at this year’s Convention?

* 17. Expenses for the NAEA National Convention

  I pay full cost Cost is subsidized by my school/district/ university/organization School/district pays full cost
Registration fees
Lodging, airfare, and meals
Membership dues

* 18. How did you hear about the NAEA National Convention (please check all that apply):

* 19. What one thing can NAEA do to make the next Convention the best ever?

* 20. Any final comments or suggestions?