Welcome to the survey

Information about the survey
  • This survey maps the activity among the general public in response to the massive influx of asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented migrants witnessed in Europe in recent years.
  • Please complete the questionnaire if you have done volunteer work with asylum seekers, refugees and/or undocumented migrants at any point since 2011.
  • You can complete the questionnaire in less than 5 minutes BUT your detailed feedback would be much appreciated. If you have time, please do spend longer sharing your experiences in Question 13.
  • The questions are all in English, however please respond to the Question 13 in your first language if that is easier for you.
  • All responses are anonymous unless you choose to share your contact details.
  • The results from this survey will be used in both academic and non-academic publications, and contribute to a broader research project on the integration of immigrants with asylum seeker and refugee background.
Information about the survey creator
Nicol Savinetti (nf@globaleuropeans.com) is a researcher currently affiliated with the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, University of Copenhagen. Nicol launched this survey in order to guage the type and volume of volunteer work that citizens in Europe are carrying out with asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented migrants with whom they now share their social environment.