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What is the place of the motor car in the 21st century? What has it given us? What has it taken from us? Can we live without it?

My Last Car is a creative project that uses stories, memories, images, objects and real cars to make unique events in galleries and museums around the UK and beyond. It is an imaginative exploration of all that the motor car means as we deal with a rapidly changing world.

Most people have a car story... human life has been lived out in cars one way or another.

On the following pages we will ask a few questions and then give you a chance to tell us your car story in about a 100 words.

Some stories may be posted on our website (www.mylastcar.co.uk) but we won't use your personal details.

We suggest that you complete this questionnaire in one sitting. If you leave it and come back you will have to start all over again, and that wouldn't be much fun.

So let's start and see how we get on.....