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Welcome to MYBUDTRACKER.COM Beta-Test application.  By providing your information you are applying to be a BETA TESTER for the BudTracker Registration and Track and Trace Pilot Program.  All personal information provided will be kept confidential.
This survey is designed for all Cannabis Vendors, Supporting (non-cannabis) Vendors, Patients, Primary Care Givers, Recreational Users and City Officials who are interested in facilitating the cannabis industry Pilot Program and software build out. 
The information you provide will enable BudTracker to set up a pilot program in your City or County to develop a roadmap for the future of the cannabis industry. 
We at BudTracker value your privacy.  The information you are giving will be held in the strictest confidentiality.  We will not give it away, publish it or respond to a subpoena without first notifying you. If you have questions about our questions or would like us to help you set up a pilot program please contact budtracker.alex@gmail.com .  MyBudTracker is the Licensing, Track and Trace pilot program designed for the California cannabis industry by people with experience from the California cannabis industry. 

We are here to help you get your City and County on the right track so that 2017 can be your biggest business year yet. We have comprehensive Business Tools to help you get the most out of your new venture.
Completing this survey will help us help you.  
Thank you for your support.


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