Azmera is excited to host our first Azmera Adventure - a dream that has been stirring for years!

This hike is for women who have previously attended or volunteered at an Azmera Haven Retreat. 

We will be hiking the Machame route to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro which is considered a difficult route and is better suited for more adventurous trekkers, those with some hiking and backpacking experience.

This hike will be a bit of a spiritual journey with devotions and questions to discuss and ponder along the way.

You may find out more info concerning the hike itself and the cost here

This hike is NOT subsidized. In addition to the cost of the hike, we will be reaching out to people to partner with us on this hike through prayers and donations. 

If you are an Azmera partner, have experience hiking, are prepared to cover the cost of this hike, and would like to pursue joining us on this hike, please fill out your name and contact info below. We'll get back in touch with you soon.

Ready to Adventure!