1. First Name

2. MSSU Student ID Number (S1234567)

3. Preferred email address (to be used for alumni relations).

4. Date of Graduation

5. Degree Awarded

6. Degree awarded in:

7. Major(s)

8. Minor(s)

9. Emphasis

10. What is your current employment status? (Information will never be shared by name)

11. Please tell us about your current employer. This information will never be shared in an identifiable manner. *If unemployed enter NA

12. Is your job related to your degree?

13. Please tell us where you are continuing your education. If you are not, please leave this question blank.

14. Yearly Salary or Hourly Wage (If in school or unemployed enter 0.)
This information is used to estimate salary averages by major,and will never be shared in an identifiable manner.

15. Are you employed full-time or part-time?

16. Did you utilize Career Services while attending MSSU?

17. Did you complete an internship while attending MSSU? (Student teaching counts)

18. Did you receive school credit for your internship?

19. Please share any comments or suggestions for MSSU Career Services.

20. What suggestions do you have for improving MSSU?