MS Fall Signups 2017

Please indicate below which fall team(s) you would like to join starting September 6, 2017 or electives which start the week of September 11, 2017. 

* 1. Please enter your name below:

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* 4. Gator Squash:

Please select EACH date that you would like to sign your daughter up for Gator Squash. Please note, your daughter will be expected to attend each date selected. If anything happens and you need to change your request, please email Ms.Caywood with at least 24hrs notice:

Court Times: 4-5:30pm Monday through Friday Departure from Chapin: 3:10pm Arrival home to Chapin: 6:00pm Cost: $75 per session​ (billed to your Chapin account)​​​

Upon completion of this form, please check your Magnus Health account to complete the Athletics forms which includes travel permissions. Your daughter will be chaperoned by a Chapin teacher/coach to and from CityView. Thank you!​​​​​​​​