MSS Family Engagement Survey

Do you have an adult loved one who has received mental health services in Winnipeg in the past 3 years? We’d like to know about your experiences as a family member!

Meaningful family involvement is a crucial part of our loved one’s recovery from a mental illness. Research shows there are many benefits to family involvement. It is an evidence based practise.

The purpose of this survey is to gain feedback from family members regarding their experience of family involvement with Winnipeg mental health services. It is intended to be completed by a family member who has an adult loved one with a mental illness. The term family member refers to anyone who is family or is considered by the individual with the mental illness to be like family and who provides care and support. Family members have initiated this survey in consultation with mental health service providers. The Manitoba Schizophrenia Society is the sponsor. This survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The results will be posted to the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society web site.

This survey is an opportunity to provide information and feedback about your experience as a family member. Manitoba’s health system recognizes the importance of having people with lived experience and family members actively engaged in providing feedback about services. It is the hope that data and comments collected will have a positive effect in improving family engagement practises in adult mental health services. The results from this survey may also be used to influence policy at the government level and for staff education and training. The aggregate data will be shared with WRHA Adult Mental Health Program, Mental Health and Addictions branch of the Manitoba Government and the MSS board members.

Please do not include any identifying information in the answers to questions 11, 15 and 16 as these answers will be shared verbatim. If time allows please fill out a separate survey for each hospital admission/program your loved one has been involved with during the past 3 years.

Thank you in advance for filling out this survey.

Contact for technical difficulties or questions about the survey.

* 1. Please indicate the approximate date that your loved one received help from a mental health service in Winnipeg.

Date / Time

* 2. Indicate which Winnipeg Service your loved one has been involved with in the last 3 years. (Please tick only one box per survey.)

* 3. Personal contact with the service providers was: (Please check the best answer)

* 4. Were you asked/able to provide important (collateral) information to the service providers about your loved one? (Please check the best answer)

* 5. If you did provide information did you feel that the information you provided was valued and that you were heard? (Please check only one)

* 6. Was confidentiality discussed and was what could be shared clarified? (Please check the best answer)

* 7. Were you helped to understand the behaviors/diagnosis of your loved one? (Please check the best answer)

* 8. Were the roles of the team members discussed regarding how each would support and promote your loved one’s recovery? (Please check the best answer)

* 9. Did you feel included as a member of the team? (Please check the best answer)

* 10. Was your role discussed regarding how you could support your loved one’s recovery? (Please check the best answer)

* 11. Were you provided with personal support from the team and / or information on community resources that would help support you in your role as the caregiver? (Please check the best answer)

* 12. Was the personal support provided helpful? (Please check only one)

* 13. Was the contact information helpful?

* 14. Overall, during your loved one’s involvement with the service selected at the beginning of this questionnaire, how would you rate your experience as a family member? (Please select the best answer)

* 15. Reminder: Please do not include any indentifying information in your answers.

What did you find most helpful to you as a family member in what the staff of the service provided to you? Please provide as much information as you can about what you received and how it was helpful.

* 16. What improvements/ changes if any would you recommend to the service in promoting and encouraging better family engagement?