* 1. I am a client living in...

  Thurston/Mason Lewis Grays Harbor Clallam Pierce
Which County

* 2. I'm currently receiving or just finished receiving a service from Morningside.

  Community Based Assessment Job Placement Job Training Long Term Support Not sure
Currently receiving this service
Just finished this service

* 3. I have a job. I like...

  Yes No
My pay
The hours I work
My coworkers
My Boss
My job duties
Where my job is located

* 4. My job coach...

  Yes No
Helps Me Enough
Is Friendly
Listens to me
Responds to me quickly

* 5. I like my work goals.

* 6. Do your coworkers help you enough?

* 7. Please tell us one thing we did that was the most helpful.

* 8. Is there something your job coach can do better?

* 9. Are there any services that you would like that were not available to you? What are they?

* 10. I am satisfied with...

  Yes No
Office location and access to building
Information about services
Staff level of professionalism and respect
My involvement in decisions and feeling part of a team
Progress toward my employment goal
Timeliness of service

* 11. Any other comments?