1. GeoSTAC Pre-Test for Middle School

Thank you for participating in this project funded by the National Science Foundation. We are working to understand how to use GIS in middle school classrooms. Teachers at Lane Community College have been working with your teacher to develop lessons and activities that will introduce geospatial technology.

To develop really good lessons, we need to see what you know already and how much you have learned after using GIS. We would like you to take a pre-test now and later you will take a post-test. Your teacher will not get the scores for specific students, but will know in general how each class did. Participation in the survey is voluntary. Thank you for your help.

NSF Grant #0903330

Lynn Songer, Ph.D., PI
Eric Sproles, CoPI

Acknowledgments: Many components of this test were developed by Dr. Jongwon Lee and further refined as part of the AAG’s "Teacher’s Guide to Modern Geography project."

Updated: September 25, 2010