This survey is strictly confidential and no personal information that would identify any individual will be provided to RMS/Services NSW or any other third party.

* 1. What Motor Registry do you currently work in:

* 2. The PSA would like your views on the importance of the following options for Motor Registry Staff:

  Very Important Important Not Important Unsure
The Direct Appointment for all affected registry staff.
The Right to Appeal for any unsuccessful applicant for a position in Services NSW.
That no position, which is subject to an appeal, be filled until the appeal process has been exhausted.
That all affected staff have access to the full rights available under the Managing Excess Employees policy should they not wish to accept a position in Service NSW, or who are unsuccessful in any application process.

* 3. Have you seen the PSA email bulletins about the move to Service NSW?

* 4. Would you like us to organise an all staff meeting at your registry?

* 5. Would you attend an all staff meeting at your registry?

* 6. Are there any other concerns or feedback that you would like to provide us?

* 7. If you would like to receive updates from the PSA about Services NSW please provide

* 8. Are you currently a PSA member?