* 1. If death were a country:

(a) What would you pack?
(b) What would you leave behind?

* 2. Can you list at least 3 things you would really like to know about death and dying?

* 3. Have you ever died? Can you share about that?

* 4. If someone you love is dying what do you want them to feel, to know?

* 5. If someone close to you has died, did you feel ready?

* 6. If so, what made that possible? If not, what would have made you feel better equipped?

* 7. Have you ever participated in the creation of a funeral ceremony?

* 8. What was important to you about that?

* 9. Is there anything you know now that you wish you knew then?

* 10. What experience of, or opinion, do you have about the Funeral Industry?

* 11. If you ran a funeral home, what would you do and how would it differ?

* 12. Is there something you would really like to know about what happens to a body in that time after death and before a funeral?

* 13. Is there anything else you are dying to know?

* 14. Please list your details and the Clubhouse event you would like to enter the draw to win a double pass: