Morning Star is a program for students with special needs. There are two K-8 Morning Star schools already in Pensacola. This survey seeks to gather information about interest in establishing a high school for students with exceptional needs in Pensacola.

For this survey, please assume that a possible Morning Star high school in Pensacola would propose to serve 20-40 students in a safe and loving, Catholic-Christian environment. This survey helps the exploratory committee determine the type of educational environment that would need to be offered to meet the needs and interest-levels of the students and families that would seek a Morning Star high school education in Pensacola.

This survey should not be interpreted as guaranteeing or confirming the existence of any of educational services proposed. The location, curriculum, and operational structure of a potential Morning Star high school have yet to be determined.

If you have more than one child in your family who may be interested, please complete a survey for each child.

Question Title

* 1. Are you the parent or guardian of a child with special needs?