How Can We Help You?

John F. Kennedy University is dedicated to your success as a student. We have many resources designed to assist you, as the previous page described. Even though you are just beginning your JFKU experience, please consider the areas in which you might need more information by checking "yes" in the areas noted below.

* 1. I would like more information about:

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University Policies and Procedures
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Student government
Using the library on campus and on-line
Disability accommodation
Academic Support: e.g., essay/report writing; effective study habits; oral presentation skills.
Academic Advising
Other Advising
Connecting with a student mentor
Career planning in my field of study
Connecting with alumni in my field

* 2. If you have a specific question about the above or any other aspect of your JFKU experience, please ask it here and it will be referred to the appropriate person for response.

* 3. Please indicate the program/certificate level to which you have been admitted.

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