1. Information Sheet

The Project:
Research tells us that contemporary society places an emphasis on the body's physical appearance. This study is interested in how physical appearance is viewed in contemporary society. This present study is a psychology research project that will examine the impact of age, gender, and physical appearance on the mood state in adult participants.

Your Participation
Participants over 18 years of age will anonymously enter their age and gender online. They will then complete a 20 minute survey asking how they rate their appearance and self esteem and finally how they feel. Participants are under no obligation to participate and may withdraw at any time from the online survey. Only aggregated results will be reported. If you participate in this study, the information collected is anonymous and will not be linked back to you as an individual. The aggregated information will be stored in a secure environment and access to the data will be made available only to the members of the research team. On completion of this study, an overall summary of the results can be made available on request to the research team.

Right to Withdraw
Participants may decline to answer any questions that they are concerned about. They also have the right to withdraw from the survey at any point without penalty, simply by closing their browser window. As responses are anonymous, removal of completed data from any individual participant after submission is not possible. However, if participants decide that they would prefer not to participate whilst undertaking the survey (before it has been completed), they can discontinue, as incomplete surveys will not be used in the final analysis.