* 1. Do you reside within Monticello's City limits?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. Which category below indicates your age?

* 4. How many times have you or your family visited the following Monticello Parks within the last 12 months?

  More than 10 1-10 Never
City Park
Bluewater Beach Park
Voigt Park/City Pool
Jordan Park
William Altherr Nature Park
Tioga Park
Tornado Memorial

* 5. How do you feel about each of the facilities listed?

  Adequate / Available Crowded / Inconvenient / Unavailable Do Not Use
City Pool size and capacity
Bluewater Beach Public Access Site
City Park Public Access Site
Voigt Park softball complex
City Park baseball diamond
Availability of parking space at parks
Park Shelters/Picnic Facilities
Skate Park
Park Restrooms

* 6. Regarding Safety: Do you feel safe at the individual Monticello Parks?

  Safe Relatively safe Not Comfortable Unsafe
City Park
Bluewater Beach Park
Voigt Park / City Pool
Jordan Park
William Altherr Nature Park
Tioga Park
Tornado Memorial

* 7. Which three of the following parks would you like to see improvement efforts focused on the most? (Select three)

* 8. From the list below, please select the top five amenities/improvements you would like to see developed within our parks over the next five years. (Select 5)

* 9. Do you utilize Monticello's City Pool?

* 10. If you answered YES in Question 9, what improvements would you like to see at the Monticello City Pool facilities to better accommodate pool patrons?

* 11. Please rank the following potential infrastructure project in order of importance. (1-5, 1 being Most Important)

* 12. How frequently do you use the following amenities when visiting Monticello Parks?

  Frequently Occasionally Do Not Use
Picnic Facilities - Pavilions and shelters
Rotary Cove Gazebo
Park Benches
Park Grills
Playground Equipment
Fishing Piers
Public Access Sites Boat Launches
Monticello City Pool
Horseshoe Pits
Basketball Courts
Sand Volleyball Courts
Softball/Baseball Diamonds
Voigt Park Fitness Stations
Park Trails
Jordan Park Skate Park
Observation Decks
Altherr Park Amphitheater 

* 13. What type of nature related activities/ programs would you like to see available to our community once the nature center is open to the public? (i.e. Hunting/boater/fishing education, Plant & Animal identification, Gardening, Art, etc.)

* 14. What is your preferred method for finding information regarding Monticello Parks & Recreation programs and activities?

* 15. Would you be wiling to give a monetary donation to help improve or fund projects of interest?

* 16. What other programs / activities could the parks offer to encourage healthy lifestyles in our community?

* 17. The Monticello City Parks & Recreation Department wants to ensure your needs are identified for parks and recreation. What other needs would you like to express to the Monticello Parks & Recreation Department to address?