You have received this message because I or someone I trust believes that your perspective and expertise would be valuable to this project. I would be overjoyed if you have a couple minutes to review the following thoughts.

As my 3 year old daughter, Emerson, has grown and excelled in her Montessori school, I've thought more and more about what my hopes are for her future education and what I believe an education should provide. I've attempted to put together a set of 10 belief statements that highlight the positive perspective of Emerson's education and my own learning experiences. I didn't set out to write statements that are exclusive to Montessori, but rather aspirational for the schools that I hope will help Emerson become the best possible version of herself.

What I am hoping for is feedback on the statements below. Is there something missing? Is something not clear? Does something seem misplaced, overstated or uncomfortable? Don't worry about formal remarks. I'd just love some kneejerk wisdom from someone who cares as much about education as I have grown to.

If you don't have time to review this, please don't worry about it. If you do, I'll be happy to get you a copy of the final product.


Hugh Weber
Montessori Dad

* 1. I believe that a child deserves an education responsive to his or her personal learning style and focused on his or her dynamic development as a whole person (e.g. emotional, physical, social, spiritual, aesthetic and intellectual.)

* 2. I believe that a child with a positive conception of purposeful work is prepared to be fully present and fully satisfied with his or her life's work.

* 3. I believe that a child provided an environment for independence is also prepared for a world of responsibility and success.

* 4. I believe that a child who learns the value of self-correction will find peace in a world of self-motivation and positive self-esteem.

* 5. I believe that a child with freedom to follow his or her fascinations develops a capacity for both self-discipline and self-initiative.

* 6. I believe that a child engaged in a classroom of diverse ages and cultures gains an
open and respectful perspective of community and collaboration.

* 7. I believe that a child requires movement and activity as a central component of his or her intellectual growth.

* 8. I believe that a child who is comfortable with critical thinking, experimentation and creativity will have an appreciation for a world of entrepreneurship, innovation and art.

* 9. I believe that a child started on a journey of self-discovery will also discover the possibility of self-fulfillment.

* 10. I believe that a child learning in an environment of beauty and harmony will appreciate a life with the same balance.

* 11. Please feel free to share any general remarks on these principles.

* 12. If you would like a copy of the final product or are willing to participate with future feedback, please include your email address!