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It was wonderful to have had input on my 1st book, High-Risk Pregnancy- Why Me (www.hrpwhyme.com). I got so many valuable quotes, stories, insights and advice, that I figured I would try it again.

This book is about the true 'reality' of motherhood. The things we DON'T often openly talk about, like being afraid of ruining your body or fear of the end of your sex life. It will also talk about the ‘short cuts’ we take and the things in life which go against what we are lead to believe we have to say/do/believe/think which make us a good mom. This book is intended to let you know you aren’t alone, to offer advice and to help you realize “Hey its ok.” There is just way too much pressure to be perfect and it isn’t easy, necessary or possible!

I’m looking for ANY advice, insights, things you wish your girlfriends told you, stories, survival tips, short cuts, etc. Nothing is off limits. (Having sex while your baby is screaming or your 6 year old is banging on the door- hey it happens.) The tone I prefer is light, funny, open, girlfriend-to-girlfriend. So no worries if you aren’t the best writer. (I’m not!)

Please note: Any responses, stories, etc. that you provide may show up in print (the book, articles, etc.) or online (website(s), blog, etc.). By submitting this survey you agree to allow me to use what you submit. (I only make minor grammar edits and if necessary, careful trimming if it’s too long.) To contact me directly with other stories or even to send in a picture which captures this theme, please email me at kelly@hrpwhyme.com. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!


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* 1. Are you a female who is currently expecting a baby or who has 1 or more kids under the age of 18?