Thank you for your participation in the National Issues Forums. As the moderator you have a unique perspective. The information you share is vitally important to understanding the forums and reporting on their results.

Please tell us about the forum by responding to the following questions. If you held multiple forums, please fill out a Moderator’s Report for each one. 

* 3. Forum Date


* 4. Where was this forum held?

* 5. How many people attended your forum (your best estimate)?

* 6. During your forum, were there any specific ideas or concerns that came up repeatedly among different participants?

* 7. To what extent did the group seem to be divided on the issue?

* 8. To what extent were participants willing to make trade-offs about this issue?

* 9. After deliberating, did the group seem to have a shared direction for next steps?

* 10. Were there any memorable or powerful moments that occurred during the forum? 

* 11. Moderator's Information

* 12. Not including this forum, how many NIF forums have you moderated in the past?

* 13. What topics would you like to see covered in future issue guides?