About the Program

The Autism Hiring Program was created by the Howard County Autism Society to advance neurodiversity and acceptance, connecting businesses to an untapped workforce of skilled Autistic adults and targeting jobseekers not supported by existing systems. With support from WorkSource Montgomery’s Workforce Recovery Network 2.0 grant, the program will expand in 2023 to serve Autistic candidates who reside in Montgomery County.

Our goal is to address the needs of potential employees with autism who have high-level, marketable skills and would benefit from assistance to find and sustain meaningful employment. At the same time, enables employers to tap into a largely untapped talent pool and discover the competitive advantage that comes from hiring neurodiverse talent.

Profile of Candidates: The ideal candidate for this program is someone who comes to it with an open mind, is committed to their own success, and whose ultimate goal is to find and sustain meaningful employment. Other requirements:
  • Must be a resident of Montgomery County
  • Have an Autism diagnosis
  • High school degree/GED (may have certifications, some college and/or college degree)
  • Not currently receiving services from DDA, DORS, an agency, or employment specialist/counselor
  • Able to attend weekly peer group and 1:1 sessions independently with our staff virtually and in person
  • Responsive to requests from our staff to schedule meetings, coaching sessions, interviews, trainings