* 1. About you
(All information given is done so confidentially, no personal information will be shared with any other parties)

* 2. Do you feel that it’s necessary for a client to buy additional security in order to protect their device?

* 3. What type of security training have you taken?

* 4. In your view who is at fault for most security breaches?

* 5. How do you ensure your mobile devices are safe?

* 6. Do you think more needs to be done to increase awareness of digital security in the mobile industry?

* 7. Does your business advise clients on mobile security?

* 8. If a client or your business suffered a security issue would you know how to deal with it? (ie fraud, data theft, hacking)

* 9. How often does you business examine its mobile security strategy? – ie data protection, privacy, identity theft, fraud, hacking

* 10. How important do you think mobile security is?

* 11. When addressing the issue of mobile security, what do you find most difficult?