Hey there!

Thanks for swinging by. Presumably you've strolled on over to this application 'cause you're interested in getting into the Super Ninja Elite Gamer Council of alpha testers for our upcoming MOBA on iPad. If you're in the right place, please go ahead and fill out the short questionnaire below.

We'll use your answers to figure out if you'll be a good candidate to test our game. Things like: will you get good latency from our test servers? Do you own the right kind of device? Stuff like that.

We really appreciate you taking the time to help us learn more about who you are. Thanks so much!

- Super Secret Stealthy Indie Game Studio

Initial Hero Lineup

Initial Hero Lineup

* 1. Which of these characters do you want to play as?

* 2. Any comments or thoughts on these characters?

* 3. Please tell us a little about yourself!

* 5. Are you currently a MOBA player? (Please check em' all!)

* 6. How many hours per week do you play your MOBA?

* 7. How many hours per week do you play games on your tablet?

* 8. Why are you interested in playing a MOBA on a tablet instad of on your PC?

* 9. What would you MOST like to see done differently / special for a MOBA on tablets?

* 10. Have you ever participated in creating a video game before?

* 11. BONUS QUESTION TIMEZ: What are your favorite games you're playing now on any device? (PS4, iPad, Steam, Oculus Rift, whatevs).

(Mine is Ni No Kuni... ;-)

* 12. LAST ONE: Anything else you'd like to share with us about why you should be selected as an alpha tester?

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill out the application. We're thrilled that you're interested in trying out our game! We'll be in touch with you shortly.

Have a good rest of your day/night!