Thank you so much for making the Bridgewater lifestyle the best it can be!

* 1. Do you participate in community events?

* 2. How many events would you like to see each month? (dinners, seminars, trips, dances etc.)

* 3. Please take a moment to tell us what you feel could enhance the Bridgewater Lifestyle. (Are you looking for more of a certain class, event club, sport etc.)

* 4. Please indicate your age group

* 5. Please tell us your current work status

* 6. Are there any new clubs/groups you would like to see within the community? (Example: Bingo, badminton, dominos, scrapbooking, trivia, remote control boats etc.)

* 7. If you have grandchildren you would like to bring to events, about how old are they?

* 8. What type of fitness classes would you like to see? (Example: Cardio drumming, strength training, additional chair classes etc.)

* 9. What price points for events would you like to see?

* 10. Would you like to be contacted to volunteer to help with lifestyle events?