What has been your experience at a restaurant in case of an accident?

Greetings Friends,                                                                                                   

Sometimes bad things happen in the best of places and the most enjoyable times — in this case I am talking about things that can go wrong at a restaurant.

The most likely issues are — an allergic reactions to something in the food or a fire breaking out. In one case, someone had a heart attack at a family dinner; in another, someone took a bad tumble and fractured his leg, while getting up to greet a friend — yes, this really happened.

What does the restaurant do when something like this happens? How far does it go to help?

In India, we don’t sue a restaurant after spilling a scalding cup of coffee on our own lap. But do we expect it to have some basic amenities, a first aid kit, an anti-allergic pill, the number to a nearby doctor who can be quickly visited, or help getting an ambulance? We know that many of the best restaurants do not even have a basic first-aid kit, even for employees.

Help us with this short survey so that we can put together our combined experiences to figure out minimal rules of responsibility on the part of eateries.

It is important to know that such rules exist in developed countries and global chains operating in India are supposed to know them.

Please do take the survey and help Moneylife Foundation’s effort.

We look forward to your inputs.

Sucheta Dalal
Moneylife Foundation
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