Services Satisfaction Survey


1. Which of the following best describes the type of service you received?

2. What was the date and approximate time of the service the Mount Laurel Fire Department provided to you?

Date / Time
Please indicate the level in which you agree with the following statements about your recent experience with the Mount Laurel Fire Department.

The members of the Mount Laurel Fire Department:

3. Arrived in a timely manner.

4. Maintained a professional appearance and attitude.

5. Were courteous and respectful.

6. Were knowledgeable and competent.

7. Efficiently solved my problem(s) and answered any questions I had?

8. Provided a service that I am overall satisfied with.

9. Is there anything that we could improve upon?

10. To your knowledge, are there any services that we do not provide that you would like to see us provide in the future?

11. Do you have any additional comments?

12. (Optional) Contact Information:

13. If you would like to be contacted by the Chief's office, please indicate below your preferred method of communication.

14. Can we send you emails about news, upcoming events, and items related to the Mount Laurel Fire Department?

15. Is it okay to share your comments on our social media sites?