Background Information

13% of survey complete.

Please take a few minutes to provide your preferences for professional development. During this survey, you will be asked questions on educational topics and also your preferred method for learning. Below are some definitions to keep in mind for questions later in the survey.

*Classroom-based, face-to-face instruction (e.g., at annual meetings, regional meetings, at an SLIS, etc.)
*Webcast (one-to-many online presentation)
*Webinar (live and interactive online presentation, e.g., may include polling, online discussion, Q&A session)
*Online instruction (e.g., fully online course led by instructor with student groups and assignments, over a period of weeks)
*Blended online and face-to-face instruction (i.e., may be primarily online but may require some classroom time or campus visit)
*Independent learning activity (e.g., MLA's Independent Reading Program, local journal club, self-paced, on-demand tutorials, book discussion groups, etc.)

* 1. Which ONE of the following best describes your work organization?

* 2. Which ONE of the following general categories describes your current professional role?

* 3. Based on your current career stage and years of experience, how would you characterize your level of knowledge in health sciences librarianship?