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AUC Data Science Initiative Mini-Grant
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Read the Mini-Grants Guidelines by clicking HERE.

Timeline & Deadlines 

  • APRIL 1 DEADLINE - For Tracks 1, 2, and 3.
    • Awardees will be notified by May 15.
    • Project Dates: May 15-August 31
    • Report Due Date: August 31
  • For Track 4 - Fall 2022
    • Contact Dr. Talitha Washington before applying
    • Awardees will be notified by May 15
    • Project Dates: August 1-December 31
    • Report Due Date: December 31
  • For Track 4 - Spring 2022  
    • Contact Dr. Talitha Washington before applying
    • Awardees will be notified by Dr. Talitha Washington
    • Project Dates: January 1-May 31 
    • Report Due Date: May 31

Submitted applications should include an uploaded PDF with the following information: 
  1. Cover Sheet - Demographic Information, including Track
  2. Abstract (250 words) - Narrative overview of the proposed project for a non-specialist audience and suitable for general publication, such as the AUC DSI website. Clearly state why the work is important in data science and what will be accomplished.
  3. Proposal Description (4 pages max) - Include sections:
    • Objectives and Significance of the Project
    • Plan and Methodology
    • Project Outcomes, Deliverables, Timeline
    • How the Project will Contribute to Data Science in the AUC
    • Dissemination Plan
    • Sustainability Plan
    • Project Assessment 
  4. References Cited - Format may vary according to the norms of the discipline.
  5. Curriculum Vitae (2 pages max) - must be uploaded
  6. Track 3 Only: Proposal Budget (1 page max) - Itemized statement of expected costs and a subtotal of these costs, along with a subtotal for the reassigned time if requested. Each cost should be listed and briefly described, and justified. The budget description should include a statement that the proposer does not have other funds for the activity. Note that funds must be spent by the project end date.
This opportunity has been made possible in part by the UnitedHealth Group.

If you have questions, please contact:
Dr. Talitha Washington
AUC Data Science Initiative, Director

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* 1. Additional Funding