Innovation is Simple - but not Easy

Thank you for taking a few minutes out to complete this 10 question survey - the focus is to understand the current challenges you face in making innovation happen.

This survey will help us complete the draft of our latest book "Innovation is Simple - but not Easy!".

Your responses will also provide up-to-date insights to our undergraduate and MBA classes in "Creativity and Innovation" and "Entrepreneurship" at Federation University.  

The premise is that "Innovation is simple to understand but not easy to make happen".
Many organizations - corporations, public services, and NFPs - are talking about being more innovative, looking to creatively solve problems, and encouraging their people to be more productive and empowered, BUT what is actually happening?

Thanks for sharing your insights!
The Team at Mindwerx

* 1. Most organisations state that Creativity and Innovation is important to their success.
Where does Innovation rank in terms of other business pressures?
Rank the following strategies in order of importance - where 1 is top priority.

* 3. Innovation, intrapreneurship, and creativity are generally seen as vital to sustained success
How well are they understood in your organisation?