This page explains the research and asks you whether you are willing to participate in the research.

* 1. Informed Consent
This research examines the experiences of military spouses while stationed overseas on assignments with a spouse who is a member of one of the United States armed services. Questions about spouse perceptions of interaction as well as evaluation of the overseas experience will be asked. Because this research only consists of a self-report survey, risk to participants is minimal if at all. The most significant risk to participants may be remembering or discussing distressing events that may have occurred during OCONUS assignments.
Names of participants will neither be collected nor reported, thus complete confidentiality during the entire research process will be afforded to all those who participate. No other identifying data will be collected. If you have any questions or concerns about this research, to report problems that arise during the research, please contact Megan Wallace at or by phone at (314)301-9327.
Participation in this study is voluntary and you may discontinue participation at any time without penalty. You may terminate participating in the survey by simply closing your web browser. Those choosing not to participate will not be penalized in any way. This research is a web based survey and can be performed on a personal computer connected to the internet or a web-enabled smart phone. Researchers are not responsible for internet usage fees incurred by participants.
Through participation of you and other military spouses like you, the researchers hope to improve the understanding of the military spouse experience and may help improve the future experiences of military spouses stationed overseas. Anonymously reported findings will be shared with military scholars and policymakers.