Midsumma and you...

* Is 2017 your first time attending Midsumma Festival?

* How do you travel to/from Midsumma Festival events?
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* How have you interacted with Midsumma Festival in the past?
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* How many events do you normally attend across Midsumma Festival?

* How likely are you to recommend Midsumma Festival to others?

* In a few words, how would you describe Midsumma Festival to a friend that had never heard of it before?

* How did you find out about Midsumma Festival?
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* Which social media channels do you use?
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* Can you name any Midsumma Sponsors or Partners?

* In your opinion, how supportive of the queer community are Midsumma's Sponsors and Partners?

All about you...

* What kind of events do you most like to attend throughout the year?
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* How do you identify?
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* What is your postcode?

* What is your age bracket?

* Do you...
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* What is your household structure?

* What is your occupation?

* What is your annual income?

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All data collected is de-identified. We use the above information to map the diversity of the Midsumma community.

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