Thank you for taking this short survey. The results will provide valuable information about how middle schoolers use digital technology and what they want to improve their digital experience. We will not disclose your identity to your school or parents, so you should be as honest as possible in your responses.
We appreciate your time and help.
thank you.


* 1. What school do you attend?

* 2. What is your grade?

* 3. What's your gender?

* 4. Please check all the technologies that you use regularly.

* 5. How much time do you spend online every day? (Don't include the time you spend playing online games.)

* 6. How much time do you spend playing online games every day? (These include World of Warcraft, Gears of War, Addicting Games, Candystand, Club Penguin, Runescape,Farmville or MafiaWars). Name your favorites in the field below. If you use a console to play games (XBox, Playstation 2-3, etc.) put your console information in the box below as well.

* 7. How many text messages do you send a month?

* 8. What do you know about cyberbullying?

* 9. What do you know about sexting?

* 10. What do your parents know or not know about the Internet, cell phones or computer games or about you online?

* 11. Which risks do you think are the most important?

  The biggest risk A serious risk It's a risk, but not a big one No big deal - the risks are overblown
Sexual predators online
Financial Fraud
Password Theft

* 12. If you could, what would you change?

  Most important Pretty important Kind of important Not important
I would make sure we really know who someone is online, so no one can pretend to be someone else.
I would keep criminals off the Internet.
I would arrest all cyberbullies.
I would create a Facebook for preteens.
I would arrest pornographers.
I would make personal information more private.
I would create better Internet safety education.

* 13. What do you want to add? We welcome your ideas!