Thank you for completing this survey. Your input will be invaluable to Middleburg in understanding how best to serve our Visitors and Residents. If you are a resident of the Middleburg Community, please answer the full set of questions as to what is important as a local resident. Thank you

* 1. How old are you?

* 2. In what ZIP code is your home located? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 00544 or 94305)

* 3. What is your current status?

* 4. How far do you reside from the Town of Middleburg?

* 5. What is your total annual household income level (All earners combined)?

* 6. What is your education level?

* 7. When planning a day trip or local visit, what primarily do you use to plan or make a destination decision?

* 8. Have you visited Middleburg within the last: (for residents, choose option 1)

* 9. In the last 2 years, how many times have you visited Middleburg? (for residents, choose option 5)

* 10. How often in the last year did you go on a day visit to a locality other than Middleburg?

* 11. When visiting Middleburg or other similar destinations, how much did you spend on your visit?

* 12. What were your primary reasons for visiting Middleburg?

* 13. What 1 characteristic about Middleburg do you value the most?

* 14. How did you first hear about Middleburg?

* 15. Using the scale below how much do each of the following attract or would attract you to visit Middleburg (For residents, please use this scale to indicate how much these specifically bring you to Town)

  No interest Limited interest Some interest Good interest Extremely interested 
Street/community concerts series and performing arts events
Equestrian activities (steeple chase races, Polo match, horse shows)
Wine visits and tasting events
Specific Holiday events (ie, Christmas in Middleburg, 4th of July fireworks, Middleburg Film Festival, etc.)
Town wide sidewalk sales from retailers
Historical lectures and tours

* 16. Using the scale below in your opinion what is Middleburg known for?

  Not known for Vaguely known for Somewhat known for Well known for Very well know for
Virginia Wine Country
The Country
Colonial and Civil War History
Fox Hunting and Horses
Unique shopping
Events (ie, Christmas in Middleburg, Middleburg Film Festival)

* 18. Using the scale below, what is the level of importance to you for each of the follow when visiting Middleburg or any similar destination?

  Not important Little importance Moderate importance Very important Extremely important
Variety of restaurants
Cultural events (concert series, art exhibitions, Film Festival)
Ease of parking and getting around
Diverse retails and shopping options
Long open hours of businesses
Child activities

* 19. If you could change 1 key thing about Middleburg to improve your experience, what would that be?

* 20. What would draw you to visit Middleburg or visit more often?