PE/PP Microbeads in Australia - Accord member survey of Scope and Scale of usage

(For the purpose of this survey 'microbeads' are defined broadly as intentionally-added solid ingredients composed of polyethylene or polypropylene plastic with dimensions of 5mm or less. The function of such ingredients is generally as mild and biologically inert abrasives for skin exfoliation and toning and also potentially as a surface cleaning abrasive.)

Please complete the following survey as relates to your product range sold in Australia to the best of your ability using available knowledge/information. Individual company responses will be treated as confidential and not published in any way. Accord will use the information provided to collate a consolidated overview of the usage of microbeads in hygiene, household, I&I and personal care products on the Australian market. This will be an important input for development of evidenceā€based policy for PE/PP microbeads in Australia. Without this information, policy makers may have to rely on information/assumptions from overseas markets which may not give an accurate reflection of the Australian market and may thereby result in inappropriate policy options.

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* 1. Which of the following best describes your company? (tick as many as applies)

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* 2. Does your company market products containing PE/PP microbeads in Australia?