LCAP Parent Engagement Survey 2017

This survey is voluntary. You may fill out more than one if you have more than one child and/or you would like to provide input for more than one site.  The information gathered in this survey will be important as part of the planning cycle for our Local Control Accountability Plan and will be reported back to the community in the annual update. That update is part of the final plan that will go to the school board for approval in June. Thank you for your assistance.  One fun fact--Did you know that MHUSD has registered 1544 parent volunteers so far this school year?  A heartfelt thank you to our awesome parents and community. 

* 2. My child's school provides timely updates through online grade books, Friday folders, or direct teacher contact which I use to monitor my child's progress and assist their learning.

* 3. My child's school provides opportunities and encourages parents to participate in local decision making such as though the school site council (to inform the school plan and district accountability plan) English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) and Home and School Club.

* 4. My child's school provides opportunities and encourages parents to participate as volunteers to assist in a variety of school activities.

* 5. I am satisfied with the level of two way communication with my child's school, including news updates, mass messages as well as responsiveness to parent communication.

* 6. We like our school and feel like valued partners in our child's education.

* 7. I would like my schools to offer opportunities for me to learn: